Asset Monitoring & Tracking

asset tracking, monitoring, and management

Reduce losses, increase productivity, and improve profits with asset tracking & monitoring. Cost-effectively meet any asset management tracking need, regardless of your organization's size or needed level of visibility. Asset tracking technologies simplify the recording of changes to an asset's location, condition and availability, ensuring timely and accurate information is available when and where you need it.

We utilize various forms of tagging and will use the right one in the solution for your situation.

  1. Fixed assets, mobile assets, consumables and personnel
  2. Asset check-in & check-out
  3. Wireless, RFID, barcode, cellular, satellite
  4. Web based asset tracking, monitoring, management, and reporting
  5. Automated alert system on asset events, such as expiry dates, sensor readings, geographic position, etc.
  6. Asset lifecycle tracking and reporting
  7. Data import/export functions

Whether you need barcodes, RFID tags, cellular or satellite, for fixed or mobile assets, consumables or personnel, we can do it.